I offer consultations

  • in-person in my home-based office, London, Walthamstow

  • in your home (within the London Oystercard travel zones)

  • online on WhatsApp, Skype, Discord or Zoom


I offer individual and family consultations both in person and online, with package services suitable for the required level of support. The consultations may include:
a complementary 30 minutes get to know each other session, primary 90 minutes session, 60 minutes follow-up, and weekly 15 minutes check-ins.

The therapeutic action plan may include:

  • adding or removing certain foods

  • digestive enzyme therapy

  • gut microbiome rebalancing

  • adjusting sleeping and lifestyle habits

  • supplement protocols

  • shopping list & guide

  • recipes

  • referrals

  • laboratory tests

The Therapeutic Approach

To find the best way to address their health concerns, I use scientific methods based on the functional medicine model to identify the imbalances in the body systems, its root causes & contributing factors. Then I use these findings to create a safe and effective therapeutic action plan, uniquely suited to your child’s needs. This may include 5R's approach often used in addressing Gut Health (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance). When creating the action plan we would rely on SMART goals framework (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) to make sure it is exactly what you and your child can benefit from at this time in your lives.

The therapeutic space I provide gives us an opportunity to work together to help your child.

  • If you decide to proceed with booking the consultation after your free 30 minutes session, I will send you two questionnaires

  • Fill in the questionnaires

  • Complete a 3-day food diary

  • Send both back 1 week before the primary consultation

  • I do research & an analysis, then compile my findings and create a provisional therapeutic plan

  • I present my research & we agree on the plan during the primary consultation

  • After the consultation I do further research if needed, finalise the plan & send my report & recommendations to you

  • During the following weeks I offer my support while you work on implementing the plan we agreed on

  • We repeat the process with follow up consultations to check the progress & amend the plan if necessary

  • We incorporate weekly check-in sessions via email or online face to face to further support you and your child

The Therapeutic Process

How it works